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Work Stress & Burnout

Counselling through BC

Reclaim your well-being

Are you struggling with work stress or burnout?

  • Are you feeling drained and overwhelmed by work demands?

  • Do you find yourself feeling like you are running a never-ending race and you just keep pushing until you feel unmotivated and too exhausted to work?

  • Do you have no energy for your friends and family after work?

  • Do you work all the time and struggle to relax and be present?

  • Do you struggle to find a balance between your professional and personal life?

Understanding Burnout 

Burnout is a state of chronic physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion, often accompanied by feelings of cynicism and detachment from work. It can result from prolonged stress, lack of control at work, being in a toxic work environment, and overworking, leading to decreased productivity and a sense of helplessness.

Some symptoms of burnout include:

  • Feeling drained and overwhelmed by work demands most of the time

  • Increased frequency of sickness

  • Feeling trapped, defeated, and hopeless about work

  • Loss of motivation and withdrawal from responsibilities

  • Developing a detached or negative attitude towards your job and colleagues

  • Experiencing a sense of ineffectiveness and lack of achievement

When work is overwhelming, our life also loses balance. We might not be able to show up fully for the people we love and other responsibilities in life, leaving us feeling guilty and even more stressed.

But it’s possible to heal from burnout and not let work stress take over your life.

What do work stress & burnout counselling look like and how I can help?

My goal is to help you navigate and manage work stress and burnout effectively. Together, we will explore the root causes of your stress, develop coping strategies, and create a plan to restore your well-being and productivity.

Strategies to Combat Burnout:

1 / Recognize the Signs of Burnout

Together, we'll identify early warning signs of burnout and understand the root causes of your stress.

2 / Stress Management

We’ll explore new tools and techniques to manage stress, reduce anxiety and exhaustion related to work, improve work-life balance, and maintain mental health. This may include mindfulness practices, relaxation exercises, breathing exercises, regular physical activity, and setting healthy boundaries. In our sessions, I will practice these strategies with you and help develop an action plan that allows you to incorporate the new coping strategies easily.

3 / Create a Sustainable Work Environment

We find ways to make your current job more fulfilling and less stressful. This could involve reorganizing tasks, seeking support from colleagues, incorporating self-care routines at work or advocating for a more manageable workload to improve work-life balance.

4 / Explore New Opportunities

If necessary, we can discuss considering a career change or shift to a role that better suits your needs and reduces burnout risk. Career counselling can help you identify new career paths that align with your interests and strengths while minimizing stress.

What You'll Gain:

  • Feeling more confident coping with work stress

  • Feeling more engaged and motivated in your professional and personal life

  • Regain physical and emotional energy

  • Regain connection with yourself and your loved ones

  • Achieve a more balanced lifestyle

Your Journey to Wellness Starts Here

Dealing with work stress and burnout is not something you have to do alone. Take the first step towards reclaiming your well-being. Contact me today to schedule a consultation and begin your journey towards a balanced, fulfilling, and stress-free work life. Together, we can overcome burnout and achieve lasting wellness.

Doing your best does not mean working yourself to the point of mental breakdown!





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